Bronze statue of a man essay

The poem has inspired works in other genres: Reinhold Glière choreographed a ballet based on it, and Nikolai Myaskovsky 's 10th Symphony (1926–7) was inspired by the poem. The statue itself has been seen as the inspiration or model for a similar statue which appears in Joseph Conrad ’s 1904 political novel Nostromo , thus implicitly linking the political events in Nostromo with Conrad’s 1905 essay “Autocracy and War” on the subject of Russia and his eventual 1912 novel Under Western Eyes (and also with the Pushkin poem and with the political issue of Poland). [9]

Augustus Saint-Gaudens took nearly fourteen years to complete this high-relief bronze monument, which celebrates the valor and sacrifices of the Massachusetts 54 th . Saint-Gaudens was one of the premier artists of his day. He grew up in New York and Boston , but received formal training at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts Paris. In New York , forty men were hired to serve as models for the soldiers’ faces. Colonel Shaw is shown on horseback and three rows of infantry men march behind. This scene depicts the 54 th Regiment marching down Beacon Street on May 28, 1863 as they left Boston to head south. The monument was paid for by private donations and was unveiled in a ceremony on May 31, 1897 .

Bronze statue of a man essay

bronze statue of a man essay


bronze statue of a man essaybronze statue of a man essaybronze statue of a man essaybronze statue of a man essay