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Actually I rather gave up the project a while back, while I could have done it easily enough, I just never found the time to get the project started. Fiberglass would work I suppose, though you need a supply of it, and know how to work with it , and I really don't know the first thing about fiberglass. I've been spending more time on the shallow clear creeks and rivers around my area anyways, most folks canoe them, but I find the class 1 and 2 waters more enjoyable floating using a river tube, and for fishing I simply just wade/walk where I want. This last weekend, I caught and released 40 creek chubs, a few redhorse sucker fish, lots of little sun perch ( green I think), and two nice sized small mouth bass that wound up in my freezer. On these waters I've been frequenting, which form up the Elk River in MO, even a inflatable raft is a bit awkward to navigate ( and I wonder about dragging the bottom of one in shallows), I see many canoes being ported/dragged frequently. So the Duct tape boat, I'm sure would be just as awkward as a inflatable raft. By raft, I mean the small 2-4 man inflatables Walmart sells. The main issue with both is the flat bottoms, with poor weight distribution, making it difficult to turn and guide the craft through swift narrow currents and small rapid areas. Plus many of these places have twigs and fallen trees the water flows around, and I would worry about the hull being compromised by a jabbing stick. I think duct tape if thick enough would be alright, but it is flexible and in my original idea, my hit hard enough to push a panel out of shape, or break it causing other problems. Now if I could just figure out a viable way to float my tube down river, and carry my fishing gear, and be able to navigate the flowing waters from rock bar to rock bar... I'd be very pleased. So far though, the tube is only for short float trips, and fishing is done by strenuous walking up and down the creeks.

I have built these for my apartment studio .I enjoyed using them so much that I will never record or mix without them ever in built six panels which gave me four free standing panels and two wall mountable of building a frame I used the wood to build legs for the four free standing I could move them where I liked. Either against the wall or in close proximity to the took my recording to the next level overnight, due to the fact I used them for mixing as do hip hop and record using a mxl 3000 mic going into a presonus blue tube into a lexicon lambda interface ,to PC,then to sonar 8. I have had ppl tell me my songs sound like they come straight out of a a lot do to mixing and recording every day for ten cost me about $350 to build them after seeing simalar panels that costs $150 be looking to save half of $600 or more making them on your must have panels when recording vocals cuz it tames the reflections coming to the mic that bounces for the singer of the wall and back into the amount of eq or any other processing will get rid of this ’m like most of on a budget and have very little money to is beyond worth it and an absolute must it,,,do it,,,do it,,,do it,,,do it now,,,,,

Build your own resume

build your own resume


build your own resumebuild your own resumebuild your own resumebuild your own resume