Colleage application essay

David Robinson emigrated in 1974 having commenced his career in heating/ventilating and then progressed to encompass multi-discipline services within both contracting and consulting practices. He then specialised in fire safety building code and fire protection services consulting which as extended over the last 35 years.

David has been involved in several Standards Committees over a number of these years including , both 1998 and current versions. His other membership involvement relates to SA as member of the Building Advisory Committee, Part –Time Commissioner of the ERD Court, Adviser to Planning/ Building Standards, PCA Technical Committee and Building Rules Assessment Commission.

He has been at the forefront of performance fire engineering and also a participant in the establishment of the BCA 90 as Australia’s first uniform building code as a replacement to State Regulations. Involvement overseas related to an AusAid Training Mission Project in building code development for Vietnam. Building systems innovation has also been part of fire safety development with involvement with the first “zone pressurisation” smoke management system, designer of the ceiling plenum smoke exhaust system concept and also, the multi-storey combined fire system. He also initially patented new concealed exit signage for use with wayfinding applications. David has been a CIBSE member since his student days in the UK and is currently the SA Region Chairman.

My name is Syed Abrar. I am from Bangalore, working in KSA. My son completed his class X in an international school here in KSA with CBSE syllabus. I am intending to send him to Bangalore and take admission in Christ college for I PUC commerce. Please let me know the admission details and the fee structure. Also let me know whether the admission is given to non Indian students in I PUC who have studied and completed Class X with CBSE syllabus in KSA.
Your earliest response will be highly appreciated.
Thanks and best regards,
Syed Abrar

Colleage application essay

colleage application essay


colleage application essaycolleage application essaycolleage application essaycolleage application essay