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The famous line in this scene is, of course, "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers." It is an ironic note. Blanche has been forced to depend on strangers - for security, for love, for comfort, for money - because her actual family could not provide. She could not have sex with her husband, so she turned to strangers. She could not support herself, as a single woman in her imaginary Old South mentality, so she turned to strangers. And when in trouble in Laurel, she first turned to her sister - and her sister turned her away. In the end, Blanche is once again sent off from her family, subject to the kindness and the mercy of persons unknown.

The multi- Emmy Award -winning 1984 television version featured Ann-Margret as Blanche, Treat Williams as Stanley, Beverly D'Angelo as Stella and Randy Quaid as Mitch. It was directed by John Erman and the teleplay was adapted by Oscar Saul . The music score by composed by Marvin Hamlisch . Ann-Margret, D'Angelo and Quaid were all nominated for Emmy Awards , but none won. However, it did win four Emmys, including one for cinematographer Bill Butler . Ann-Margret won a Golden Globe award for her performance and Treat Williams was nominated for Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie.

Tensions build in the apartment throughout the summer. Blanche and Stanley see each other as enemies, and Blanche turns increasingly to alcohol for comfort. Stanley, meanwhile, investigates Blanche's past, and he passes the information about her sexual dalliances on to Mitch. Although Blanche and Mitch had been on track to marry, after he learns the truth, he loses all interest in her. On Blanche's birthday, Mitch stands her up, abandoning her for good. Stanley, meanwhile, caustically presents Blanche with her birthday gift: bus tickets back to Laurel. Blanche is overcome by sickness; she cannot return to Laurel, and Stanley knows it. As Blanche is ill in the bathroom, Stella fights with Stanley over the cruelty of his act. Mid-fight, she tells him to take her to the hospital - the baby is coming.

Essay streetcar named desire theme

essay streetcar named desire theme


essay streetcar named desire themeessay streetcar named desire themeessay streetcar named desire themeessay streetcar named desire theme