Essays written by sir francis bacon

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“””Nevertheless, the art galleries are supposed to place emphasis on the masterpieces themselves and the themes they intend to demonstrate, instead of the monetary value of art. {Fundamentally, art should be pure and not associated with proposals of making money.} [[[Otherwise, if people are charged a price, no matter how much it is, to view the works of the artists, then they will probably regard the items exhibited as various amount of cash. Because they may reckon that the authors create their workings simply to earn some money.]]] [If this were to be the new phenomenon, then it will contradict the true goal of establishing museums, which is the popularisation of art].”””

Whether or not the play was performed in the Elizabethan or Jacobean age is unsettled, and there are indications to support both sides of the question. [35] By the nature of the revisions and the mention of the actor Thomas Goodale in it is clear that it was written for the public stage. [36] Since that time no recorded performance of Sir Thomas More took place until a three-night student production by the Birkbeck College, University of London , in December 1922. The play was staged with more than 40 students at the King's School, Canterbury , 4–6 November 1938, with P. D. V. Strallen in the title role. The first known professional staging of the play was 22–29 June 1954 at the London Theatre Centre for the Advance Players Association. It was first performed in Elizabethan costumes and then in modern dress, with Michael Beint as More. [37]

Essays written by sir francis bacon

essays written by sir francis bacon


essays written by sir francis baconessays written by sir francis baconessays written by sir francis baconessays written by sir francis bacon