Euthanasia argumentative essays

Literature has constantly portrayed themes that focused on revenge caused by love. From the ancient epic stories of Greek heroes who lost their loved ones to the more modern novels that tell the story of how a hero loses his heroine, there have been always such stories that take the reader alongside the hero and force the reader to root for him. Because the protagonist or the hero of the story is such a better person who only acts in violence because of a previous and more violent act of evil, his actions are justified and considered moral. This is the most common thing in tales that illustrate the theme of revenge. However, a different story emerges from the rest in Hector Tobar’s novel, The Tattooed Soldier. In the novel, Tobar shows two sides of the story, the hero and the villain, and makes the reader choose on whom to root for since both acts of evil, that of the hero’s revenge and the villain’s hatred, are equally justifiable. In this essay, it will be argued that though the villain, Longoria, is so obviously evil, his actions are actually moral and justified in the same way that the actions of the hero, Antonio, were justified and considered moral. 

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Euthanasia argumentative essays

euthanasia argumentative essays


euthanasia argumentative essayseuthanasia argumentative essayseuthanasia argumentative essayseuthanasia argumentative essays