Examples of portrait essays

intelligent, curious, witty, poetic,
firstborn son of Richard Sr. and Dixie,
likes comic books, green Kool-Aid, and The Monkees,
feels happy almost all of the time,
afraid of growing old and dying alone in the dark,
would like to see daybreak from Saturn--

rushed, fun-loving, laid back, intelligent,
firstborn son of Barbara,
likes reading, surfing the net, and old movies,
feels under pressure right now,
afraid of not being a good enough teacher,
would like to see his book get published--

Also, note that this face doesn't have what would be considered to be an especially large nose. And yet, the nose does stick out quite a bit. One of the mistakes of "newbies" (I remember doing this) is to make the profile too flat. The beginner portrait artist may tend to not make the nose stick out enough. It is like they made a straight line, and had the features stick out from this straight line. This makes the face look too flat, and quite odd.

Examples of portrait essays

examples of portrait essays


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