Intel sts essay questions

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M4 : why did you leave snapdeal ?
Me : it was preplanned step , to analyse if really wanted to be a civil servant and also due to financial reasons . to return loan and save some for prep.
M4 : role of analyst ? ( prepared answer )
M4: did you like snapdeal ?
Me : ( did a mistake here  , praised snapdeal work culture too much , that it is a startup , young work force etc etc ) was a long answer.
M4 : so how will you adjust in the “system” , the long chain command of bureaucracy ? ( CM bent forward , he was eager to listen a good answer )
Me : ( I went blank  after a pause ) mam hierarchy is functional for proper functioning  , it’s its misuse that is harmful .
M4 : but how will you adjust ? ( I had the feeling that this question will cost me dear )
Me : ( no idea of lbsnaa training came to mind ) I said that I am eager to serve the people as best I can and hierarchy is needed in such a large system for proper functioning. I added that Indians are family centric people so no problem to adjust in hierarchical systems (m4 smiled but said that you are dodging the question )  I finally said  : “ I agree mam that it is my assumption at present , but I think I will do well “
CM was least satisfied ( cost me the final impression )
( so don’t overpraise principles opposite to civil services )
M4 : what is encryption ? whatsapp news ? answered well
Aadhar Bill controversy , can whatsapp like encryption can be used in aadhar ?

Intel sts essay questions

intel sts essay questions


intel sts essay questionsintel sts essay questions