Masters of coursework

Sustainability science is an emerging approach in science that tries to proactively deal with the interactions between natural and social systems, how those interactions affect the challenges of sustainability, and in what way new solutions can be created to meet the needs of present and future generations while substantially reducing poverty and conserving the planet's life support systems. Balanced development of science and technology (S&T) is crucial in meeting this challenge effectively. S&T offers an array of promising solutions for sustainability - but it can also lead to adverse social and ecological impacts if the development is not governed wisely.  

This taught Master degree programme (previously known as Science, Technology & Sustainability) aims to equip post-graduate students with the necessary knowledge, tools and skills in sustainability science, through the  lense of science, technology and innovation studies. This includes approaches in public policy and management, innovation and entrepreneurship, philosophy, ethics, sociology, science communication and public understanding of science. Graduates from this programme can pursue a career as strategic analyst, policymaker, consultant, journalist, academia, researcher, etc. that are able to provide more holistic solutions to sustainability science challenges in the private and government sectors and the public realm.  

Masters of coursework

masters of coursework


masters of courseworkmasters of courseworkmasters of courseworkmasters of coursework