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When DreamWorks Animation co-president Bonnie Arnold gave this year's undergrad commencement speech, she noticed a big change on campus from when she graduated from the communications program (a precursor to the film program) in 1978. "So many women in the audience," she says. "There were a lot less women when I was there. So I had to think like one of the boys." But it's not just gender barriers being broken: Unlike most other programs, Boston University doesn't make a distinction between film and TV — a mind-set that department chairman Paul Schneider calls "an outdated way of thinking that will handicap students who are moving into the rapidly evolving media world."

ow @ a lot of the comments, especially from some fo the bitter a$$ baby mamas. Don't be mad because this brother said he really would prefer nto to date a baby mama. Before I go on, however, I think a distinction should be made about what puts a person into the baby mama category. If you have never been married, but had a child out of wedlock, you are a baby mama. No other way to slice it. Doesn't matter if you're from the hood or the burbs, you made the exact same decision–to have a baby out of wedlock. A single parent, on the other hand, is someone who had a child, within a marriage and is now divorced or widowed. Many baby mamas like to categorize themselves into the single parent category because it makes themselves feel better about their situation and they think it is less stigmatizing. You can't be mad if a man without kids doesn't want you. Nor should you be out here talking about how a man is missing out. I don't think any man is missing out on a chick who can't make a good decision if it came up and smacked her in the face.

Mcmillon masters thesis south texas

mcmillon masters thesis south texas


mcmillon masters thesis south texasmcmillon masters thesis south texasmcmillon masters thesis south texasmcmillon masters thesis south texas