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In 2006 YouGov began expanding outside the UK through acquisitions and acquired Dubai-based research firm Siraj for $ million plus an eventual earn out of $600,000. In 2007 they added Palo Alto, CA based US research firm Polimetrix for approximately $17 million, Scandinavian firm Zapera for $8 million and German firm Psychonomics for $20 million. In 2009 and 2010, YouGov expanded its US operations with two acquisitions; first buying Princeton, NJ research firm Clear Horizons for $600,000 plus an earn out of $ million, then Connecticut-based research firm Harrison Group for $6 million with a $7 million earnout. In 2011, YouGov acquired Portland, OR-based firm Definitive Insights for $1 million with a potential $2 million earn out. In 2011, YouGov made its first organic expansion by opening an office in Paris, France. In January 2014, YouGov entered the Asia Pacific region with the acquisition of Decision Fuel for an estimated consideration of approximately £5 million. [14]

In 2015, we ranked mobile networks based on the average speeds of the fastest technology we could determine in a market, which was primarily 4G LTE. In 2016, we still used average speeds, but looked at results taken from "Modern Devices". "Modern Devices" results include all mobile tests, regardless of connection technology used, as long as they were taken on devices that are identified as being capable of achieving the fastest speeds available. To determine Speedtest Awards winners for mobile networks in 2017, we use results from "Modern Devices" to aid in the analysis of a mobile user's average speeds. This year, we applied the Speed Score outlined above to determine the best speeds available in a country. Each top carrier accounts for at least 3% of the sample size in the geographic area.

Methodology samples research paper

methodology samples research paper


methodology samples research papermethodology samples research papermethodology samples research papermethodology samples research paper