North country essay

One thing I noticed in the movie was as bad as the harassment was by the men at work they didn't do it in public. One scene in the movie shows a few of the miners, male and female, out for a night at one of the local bars. Everyone is shown getting along, drinking, dancing, and singing together. I think this shows that it's not that the men do not like the women but they do not like them in their workplace. They may have been raised with the idea that men are to go out to do the "work" and the females stay home and take care of the families. The idea of these women working in iron mines may go against all the ideas and values they were raised on. Another scene in the movie that portrays the same idea is when after Josey files the lawsuit she attends one of the unions meetings. At the meeting she tries to speak to the men and women and tell them her side and feelings on why she is going against the company. While she is doing this, the male union members are yelling and screaming at her to get off the stage and get out. Many men are yelling obscenities and cursing at her and all the while she remains up there still trying to speak her part. After a minute or so her father, who is also employed at the mine and who was very much against her working there, stands up and tells the crowd to be quiet. He takes the microphone and reprimands the crowd for the way that Josie has been treated. He reminds the men present that wives and daughters at company picnics and barbecues are treated with respect and not referred to as "bitch" or "whore." He reminds them that Josey is still his daughter and states that he is ashamed of everyone in the room except Josey. As this points out, women and girls who adhere to what are perceived as societal norms, that is, only appearing within the male work environment for designated functions, are treated in a manner that is totally different from the way that Josie and the other female mine workers have been treated. "Times are tough. The last thing the miners want is women competing for scarce jobs - women who, in their estimation, have no business driving trucks and hauling rock anyway. If these newcomers want to work the mines they'll

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North country essay

north country essay


north country essaynorth country essaynorth country essaynorth country essay