Notre dame essay prompts 2014

New applicants should exercise discretion when responding to this prompt, as providing an optional essay creates extra work for the admissions reader. This will be a good place to address extenuating circumstances that have influenced one’s academic or professional history, to address weaknesses in one’s application, or to explain an unusual choice of recommender. The wording of this question is open enough that applicants may also choose to discuss an element of their background that is not reflected in their other materials (including data forms and résumé), though they will need to demonstrate sound judgment in doing so – . the nature of the content should be such that it makes a material difference to one’s application – and should summarize the information as concisely as possible.

At the end of the first millennium, most people in the Eastern Hemisphere had a firm sense of how the world was arranged, who occupied it, and how they had come to be where they were. Various sacred texts as well as long-standing folk beliefs suggested a virtually eternal order of things, instilling a sort of reassuring confidence in a stable and entirely predictable existence. However, forces were emerging that would open up new possibilities and engender a new restlessness that would shatter provincial confidence and stability as a new more cosmopolitan world emerged. A new era of American history was about to spring from the most unexpected of places. More »

I have ten years of experience working with academic writers at all levels. I earned my . in English at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and have taught writing (including writing for science and business writing) to over five hundred students. I have worked closely for more than three years with authors in STEM fields, including many ESL authors, preparing manuscripts for publication. I can proofread or format your dissertation for submission, give substantive global feedback on early drafts of work in progress, or copy-edit your journal article for language and consistency to any style requirements (including APA, MLA, Chicago, ACS, IEEE, and others).

Notre dame essay prompts 2014

notre dame essay prompts 2014


notre dame essay prompts 2014notre dame essay prompts 2014notre dame essay prompts 2014notre dame essay prompts 2014