Paper on child abuse

Child Abuse & Neglect recognizes that child protection is a global concern that continues to evolve. Accordingly, the journal is intended to be useful to scholars, policymakers, concerned citizens, and professional practitioners in countries that are diverse in wealth, culture, and the nature of their formal child protection system. Thus Child Abuse & Neglect welcomes contributions grounded in the traditions of particular cultures and settings. However, international and cross-cultural studies and commentary are of special interest.

From Sticks to Flowers: Guidelines for Child Protection Professionals Working With Parents Using Scripture to Justify Corporal Punishment
Vieth (2014)
William Mitchell Law Review , 40(3)
Presents information to help child protection professionals approach parents who cite religious justifications for the use of corporal punishment that potentially rises to the level of child abuse. The paper emphasizes the need for child protection professionals to understand parents' perspectives and acknowledge the importance of parents' religious beliefs.

Paper on child abuse

paper on child abuse


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