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Inter-process communication works via a shared-nothing asynchronous message passing system: every process has a "mailbox", a queue of messages that have been sent by other processes and not yet consumed. A process uses the receive primitive to retrieve messages that match desired patterns. A message-handling routine tests messages in turn against each pattern, until one of them matches. When the message is consumed and removed from the mailbox the process resumes execution. A message may comprise any Erlang structure, including primitives (integers, floats, characters, atoms), tuples, lists, and functions.

Christy is known for her practical consulting approach that delivers real-time applications and sustainable results in direct support of business goals. She has designed and facilitated a number of training programs covering topics in categories such as leadership, organization development, business strategy, effective boards and interpersonal skills. In addition, she has developed and implemented strategies for attracting and retaining a diverse pool of talent for corporations with operations spanning the globe. Christy has further contributed to the success of her clients' businesses by providing expert leadership coaching to key managers in times of change or transition.

Eric Schaeffer is a senior managing director at Accenture. He is leading their Digital Industry program with the objective of supporting industrial companies in harnessing digital opportunities. Schaeffer also leads one of Accenture’s global business services – Accenture Product Lifecycle Services – which provides end-to-end services to unlock value and efficiencies from product data across the entire value chain. Schaeffer’s primary industry background is automotive and industrial equipment manufacturers, his secondary industry focus is freight and logistics and transportation and travel. His project track record covers business transformation programs encompassing complex business and technology changes and he has led such programs for large and multinational companies.

Ph d dissertation nortel

ph d dissertation nortel


ph d dissertation nortelph d dissertation nortel