Religion and culture essay

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the Phoenician alphabet in the history of writing. The earliest definitely readable inscription in the North Semitic alphabet is the so-called Ahiram inscription found at Byblos in Phoenicia (now Lebanon), which probably dates from the 11th century BC. There is, however, no doubt that the Phoenician use of the North Semitic alphabet went further back. By being adopted and then adapted by the Greeks, the North Semitic, or Phoenician, alphabet became the direct ancestor of all Western alphabets. Only very few inscriptions have been found in Phoenicia proper. This rarity of indigenous documents is in contrast to the numbers of Phoenician inscriptions found elsewhere--on Cyprus, Malta, Sicily, and Sardinia, and in Greece, North Africa, Marseille, Spain, and other place.

World War II; Mongol conquests; Taiping Rebellion; Three Kingdoms War; Conquest of the Americas; Second Sino-Japanese War; Qing dynasty conquest of Ming Dynasty; An Lushan Rebellion (China); World War I/Great War; Dungan Revolt; Conquests of Tamerlane; Chinese Civil War; Russian Civil War and Foreign Intervention; Thirty Years’ War; Napoleonic Wars; Second Congo War/Great War of Africa; French Wars of Religion; Shaka’s conquests; Vietnam War/Second Indochina War; Mexican Revolution; Soviet war in Afghanistan; Korean War; Seven Years’ War; Iran–Iraq War/First Persian Gulf War; Japanese invasions of Korea; Biafra War

Religion and culture essay

religion and culture essay


religion and culture essayreligion and culture essayreligion and culture essayreligion and culture essay