Snake robot + thesis

The machines aren’t afraid of any jobs. Last year Craig Wilson, the company’s managing director, led the deployment of “LaserSnake” — an integrated snake-arm robot and 5kw laser cutter — to successfully disassemble parts of a nuclear fuel processing facility in the . LaserSnake cut a 5-ton, -inch-thick stainless steel tank into 40-pound pieces. It took only four weeks to do what would have taken human workers, each wearing single-use $2,500 protective suits, years to complete. The team won a prestigious award from the .’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority for their innovation and technology.

You will definitely need a machine that runs at GHz or faster, for years I had been running NXT G on my Acer netbooks with no problems other than changing the screen res. I was able successfully run my GHz netbooks with 4G of ram using XP with some success but the GHZ netbooks just couldn’t do it. I tried several different laptops a few months back to see how they worked, I found great deal on small machines but with Windows 8 they were slower than the 1,6 GHZ netbooks. I did call LEGO EV3 Support and wasn’t given any helpful answers other than use what works for you, the tech there was running on a machine that was plus. This summer I will be running both my LENOVO GHZ machines with 2G of ram using windows 7 and my GHZ netbooks to see how it goes. On a positive note EV3 is smoother, fast downloads and lots of very useful features. There was new firmware update in June and some new upgrades the educational software version, haven’t tried them yet so it would be nice to get some feedback on this updates.

Snake robot + thesis

snake robot + thesis


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