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EXIM Bank does not prescribe a particular form of lease agreement for use with the MT MGA - Finance Lease, but has instituted procedures for granting approval of the lessor's lease agreement forms, provided that the lease agreement contains certain provisions required by EXIM Bank. 1 To obtain EXIM Bank approval of a lease agreement, the applicant (generally the lessor) must submit a copy of the lease agreement form together with a legal opinion covering specified matters under the law of the relevant jurisdiction. 2 If EXIM Bank approves a lease agreement form for use with the MGA - Finance Lease in a specific country, that lease agreement form may be used for subsequent lease guarantee transactions in that country for up to three years without further EXIM Bank review.

A false etymology or backronym sometimes promulgated is that "wop" is an acronym that comes from "without passport" [8] [9] or "without papers", [9] [10] implying that Italian immigrants entered the . as undocumented or illegal immigrants . The term has nothing to do with immigration documents, as these were not required by . immigration officers until 1918, after the slur had already come into use in the United States. [9] Further, turning acronyms into words did not become common practice until after World War II, with the practice accelerating with the growth of the United States space program and the Cold War. [8]

Term papers overseas

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