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Stefan Hämmerle holds a Masters’ Degree in Geography and English Studies with focus on economic geography, developing countries/emerging markets as well as a MBA in sports economy. In the course of his career, he collected experiences on various levels in the field of product management, brand management, brand communication and sales. Before joining SWAROVSKI OPTIK in 2013, he worked for leading international brands in the sports & outdoor industry like . Gore and Associates, uvex and Puma. He is a passionate outdoor sportsman – ski touring, cross country skiing, mountain/road race cycling and running are his favorites.

Wir orientieren uns an den Teilnehmer/innen und am Bedarf.

  • Kompetenz. In Führung. Wir eröffnen Führungskräften neue Perspektiven.
  • Austausch. Mit Input. Wir netzwerken über bloße Weiterbildung hinaus.
  • NEUE PERSPEKTIVEN GEWINNEN Führungskräfteentwicklung, die den Blickwinkel verändert und Karrieren neue Perspektiven eröffnet. Genau das bietet die LIMAK Austrian Business School seit mehr als 25 Jahren. Als erste Business School Österreichs und Spezialist im Bereich der postgradualen Weiterbildung für Führungskräfte konnte die LIMAK bisher über Führungskräfte und 842 MBA- und Master- Absolvent/innen für sich begeistern. Und mit jedem neuen Programmstart werden es mehr. Mehr Führungskräfte, die von den Netzwerken der LIMAK profitieren.

    After the Kohl Government was defeated at the 1998 election , Merkel was appointed Secretary-General of the CDU , [37] a key position as the party was no longer part of the federal government. [ citation needed ] Merkel oversaw a string of CDU election victories in six out of seven state elections in 1999, breaking the long-standing SPD-Green hold on the Bundesrat . Following a party funding scandal that compromised many leading figures of the CDU — including Kohl himself and his successor as CDU Leader, Wolfgang Schäuble — Merkel criticised her former mentor publicly and advocated a fresh start for the party without him. [37] She was subsequently elected to replace Schäuble, becoming the first female leader of a German party on 10 April 2000. [40] Her election surprised many observers, as her personality offered a contrast to the party she had been elected to lead; Merkel is a centrist Protestant originating from predominantly Protestant northern Germany, while the CDU is a male-dominated, socially conservative party with strongholds in western and southern Germany, and its Bavarian sister party, the CSU, has deep Catholic roots.

    Thesis themen personal

    thesis themen personal


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